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What Everyone Must Know About GMO's

It seems there's a lot of buzz lately, centering around the labeling and the use of GMO's or Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO's are a gene injected into plants and animals. While that doesn't seem so bad to some, it has activists scrambling to end the use of the foreign matter altogether.

What is GMOs

Genetic modification is yet another term for GMO's, and its process is titled Genetic engineering. While these are all related, the genes can come from things such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, insects, animals and other humans.      

These scientifically engineered ingredients first found in food such as corn and soy products. When GMO's were first introduced there were only around 8 percent usage, today that number has shot up to 90% since 1996.

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Botanical plant derivatives help in the production of cosmetic and personal skin care products. Ingredients such as the use of Canola to one of the main ingredients in soap which are lauric acid. This type of synthetic isn't considered harmful (at least not that we know of). However, chemicals genetically engineer DNA from bacteria to create pesticides and herbicides as ultra-bug killers. These chemicals are typically toxic. There's even proof that these herbicides utilize Dicamba and 2,4-D which is the main ingredient found in Agent Orange. Just imagine what this could be doing to our skin as residue is typically left behind to absorbing into the skin.

Although activists are rallying for better labeling, it's up to you as a smart consumer to demand the food labeling companies be transparent. It's also your responsibility to ensure your family's maximum health and security.

Despite the fact that the use of genetically altered plants can cause allergies and adverse effects of antibiotics, there's plenty of controversies revealing the use of palm oil as active ingredients. Palm oil comes from the jungles, where it's production is causing deforestation and creating havoc to natural habitats there.

Sapo company is animal-cruelty free, non-toxic and uses only the finest organic ingredients on the market today. These soaps are also gluten-free and don't contain wheat, barley or rye. However, oatmeal is an all-natural ingredient that we do use for its many healing properties.

In closing, it's best to select select both food and skincare products that don't contain GMO's to ensure your personal health along with your family's remains free from damages, potentially caused by this biotechnology.