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About us

Welcome to Sapo Company an all natural and organic soap company.

We're a family owned and operated company based in South Florida. We began Sapo Company because we've been using natural and organic soaps for the past few years and would always run out and have to go back to using regular store bought body soap full of artificial ingredients. Over the years we learned about the harmful chemicals that are found in many bath soaps and their link to cancer.

Which brought us to create Sapo Company.

An all natural and organic soap company that offers the option to buy just one time as you need soap or sign up to our monthly subscription so you'll never run out of your favorite soaps. The choice is yours.

If you've never tried organic soap you should try our SAMPLE PACK

Have questions about our soaps?  You may find your answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page

You can follow our journey of spreading organic soap across all homes. 




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