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7 Easy Tips to Help Your Soap Last Longer

When you find a soap you love, you want it to last as long as it should. Unfortunately because of the ingredients in the soap or the wet environment it is stored, this sometimes doesn’t happen. While many are looking for ways to stretch their pennies, ultimately finding ways to make your soap last longer is less wasteful and better for the environment as a whole.

Here are some of our favorite easy tips to use to help make your favorite bar soaps last as long as possible.

1. Store it High and Dry 

Store Away from Water to help soap last longer

Always keep your soap out of the water and away from the direct shower stream, which causes melting. Soap dishes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to help drain water out and keep your bar soap protected as much as possible. Store this at the other end of a shower so that it dries fast. The key is air circulation, so holes in the dish are necessary.

2. Choose a harder soap.

Always look for triple milled or French milled variety. These types of soaps are made at high pressure and are a harder, denser soap that lasts longer because it has less air in it.

3. Use a washcloth.

Washcloth to Help Soap Last Longer

You can limit the amount of soap you use by using a washcloth, shower sponge or even a mesh sponge.

Try Organic Soap

4. Use a soap saver.

Soap Saver to help soap last longer

A soap saver is a series of raised pegs that prevent your soap bars from sitting in water. This will help your soap dry faster and not be all mushy from sitting in the water.

5. Cure your soap.

Cure Soap in Towel to help soap last longer

This can be done by placing your new soaps in a drawer between layers of linen. It helps to dry the soap out and makes for a harder bar. By placing it in linen and in a drawer away from humidity, it allows the soap to maintain its hard form and to dry out so that it doesn’t melt instantly after water hits it.

6. Let it air dry completely all the time.

Make sure the soap dries fully before being used again.

7. Cut your bar into pieces.

Cut Soap Into Small Pieces for Soap to last longer

The idea is that a smaller area of soap means less soap touches water, which makes your bar soap last longer. When you start with less, there’s much less to waste.

Ultimately these are just some of the many tips you can implement to make your bar soap last longer. By trying these ideas, you can make your favorite bar soap last longer leading to more money in your pocket in the long term. Sounds great to us!

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