Soothing Skin and Souls 1 Bar at a Time

Titanium Alloy Microderm Roller | Anti-Aging | Scar Removal Microneedle

100% brand new and high quality.
For daily skin care. Used to improve Red blood cells, silk skin, sensitive skin, improve eye wrinkles, dark eye circles, eye bags, reduce pigmentation.
Tighten and lift the skin.Light spot.Improve acne marks, fine lines and thick pores.
Safe, uniform, comprehensive, simple operation, non-toxic side effects;Stimulate acupoints and dredge lymphatic channels.
Suit for home use, professional use. Improves collagen. 

Type: Micro needle roller massager
Material: Titanium alloy + plastic
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: As shown
Titanium alloy needle size: 0.3mm
Net Weight: 104g / 3.7oz

1* Micro needle roller massager

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