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Our Classic Best Sellers

Our Classic Best Sellers

Welcome, we have not sent out any information as we have been updating and adding new products. But thank you to those who take the time to read this. Sapo Company cares, and we care about nourishing you!!! We have so many wonderful bars and We also donate to Women's Shelters. Our Goat Milk soaps are packaged by the Disabled. Our goal is to help others. We only spread bubbles and love. 

We really care about everyone. We want to share the news that so many products on the market are not good for you, your children, or the planet. Toxins lurk in them and when applied to your skin, seep in. Over time, can have an effect on your health.

Our products are certified organic. All made in the USA. They are not hype. They have been selected as they are the best in the market. 

Exposure to toxic chemicals. Be aware of what you are putting on your skin. We promote healthy, glowing, vibrant skin. 

This weekend is Mother's Day. Please take a moment to just enjoy. Try one of our special hand crafted organic soaps. They smell so nice. 

So we have added the creamiest bars ever. Handmade first with love. They are our new Goats Milk Line. This one is Stormy Waters. Oh it is so sensual. 

Happy Mother's Day, 

With Love, 

Sapo Company