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The Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils Lavender Essential Oil Lotions Potions

It’s no secret that essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes for countless years. The Egyptians themselves used it as an aid for their mummification process as well as a perfume. Today there are many health benefits for using lavender essential oils including mental health benefits, improving sleep, restoring the skin and preventing acne, slowing aging, improving skin conditions and even helping with headaches.Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Other Lavender Oil Benefits

  1. Diabetes Treatment: During a 2014 study, users saw an increase in blood glucose as well as improvements in their liver and kidney function.
  1. Neurological Treatment: Lavender has been proven to be successful at treating stress, anxiety, depression and migraines. One 2013 study in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice found that just 80 mg capsules of lavender can benefit patients.
  1. Healing Treatment: Lavender has a history of being able to prevent infections and to fight against various bacterial and fungal disorders. It has been proven to speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns. Its healing abilities are actually enhanced when blended with other oils such as tea tree, cinnamon and even clove.
  1. Skin Treatment: Because of its antimicrobial characteristics (mentioned above), lavender essential oil mixed with either aloe or coconut oil can benefit the skin. It can speed up the healing of canker sores, reduce age spots and clear up acne.

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Other uses include as a bug repellent, for urinary disorders, respiratory issues, hair care, digestion, circulation and for improving one’s immune system. Lavender essential oil can be applied to the chest or neck or diffused into the air. For migraines, it is suggested the oil is diffused near one’s bed or rubbed behind their ears.

As always if you’re taking medications for some of these treatments, it’s advisable to contact your doctor before using an oil to remedy your health condition. Also, pregnant women are asked to consult their doctor before the use of any essential oils. It’s important to note that lavender essential oil should never be ingested. Ingesting it can cause nausea, vomiting and headaches. Serious health complications such as burning eyes, difficulty breathing and diarrhea may also ensue.

As you can see, lavender essential oil has countless benefits that offers both medicinal and therapeutic relief. Find out for yourself today!




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