Soothing souls 1 Bar at a Time

My favorite escape is fragrant beautiful soaps which help with stress

This was a big week and just became the new owner of #TheSapoCompany. #organicsoaps and am really excited to say I love Soap, Beauty, Health, and Wellness. It is really all about an exciting journey. I am a nurse,and love encouraging, teaching, learning, and working on heath. Many products we put on our skin can either keep us healthy or make us sick. Beauty is not only about the exterior but also about what we eat, use, think, feel, our mood and what we say and do. Have a beautiful day and please try one of our soaps. We have many flavors like lavender, clove, lemon, oatmeal. The fragrances are amazing , will lift that mood up, whatever time of day that you need to find that energy. Be that #SoapStar
 Happy Weekend its Spring

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