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Benefits of Organic Soap Versus Regular Store Bought Soap

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Organic Soap vs. Store Bought

So many people wonder, what is the real difference between organic soap and regular store bought soap? Also, why should they use organic soap all the time? It is important to avoid any typical store bought commercial soap that is labeled as natural as this typically means they include ingredients such as foaming agents, artificial fragrances and chemical hardeners. Unlike the word organic which is regulated by the USDA, the word natural doesn’t come with legal requirements associated with it. A good way to know if soap is good is to understand where the soap is made, what ingredients are used and what is used to scent the soaps.

Benefits of Organic Soap vs Store Bought Soap

Organic Soaps Contain Glycerin

A natural skin softener (emollient), glycerin attracts water from the air around it. Because of this, it is used in products to help maintain moisture in the skin. During the soap-making process, the oils/fats and lye blend together in order to form soap while glycerin maintains its integrity and settles in between these soap molecules.

In store-bought soaps, most of the glycerin has been removed and by-products have been included instead. The reason is because it makes the need for a consumer to buy another product to moisturize their skin after using one that dried their skin out. This increases the profit of commercial companies selling soap in regular stores.

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Organic Soap Doesn’t Use Artificial Fragrance

The FDA doesn’t require ingredients used in a trademark fragrance to ever be disclosed on the label of a commercial product. This means that scented soaps could have skin irritants or even carcinogens in them, and you wouldn’t even know it. Organic soaps use pure essential oils to fragrance them. When you use soaps with these essential oils, you benefit from the fact you’re not using harmful chemicals and from the therapeutic benefits of the oil itself. This makes the shopping experience fun. Looking to wake up in the morning? Try lemongrass organic soaps or want something to relax with at night, try lavender!

Organic Soap Essential Oils

Organic Soap-Making Process

Traditional homemade organic soaps are made with a hot or cold process. Both processes use oils and natural colorants to make natural and safe to use soap products. Also, with this process, the soaps are allowed to cure, which result in a long-lasting bar of soap. Unlike commercial store soaps, there are no irritants, harmful chemicals or carcinogens present in organic soap.

Organic Soap is Actually Good for the Skin 

Natural ingredient soap preserves the integrity of the oils, fats and butters used while making the soap. This means that what is put into the soap during the soap-making process is what you get when you use it.

In the end, it is obvious that organic soap is much healthier and better for your skin overall. Organic soap products use natural ingredients and oils that benefit your health.


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