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Buy 3 bars, get 1 bath bomb free! Discount Automatically applied at checkout.
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Bath Soaps Contribute to Breast Cancer

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As October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, the Sapo Company has launched its campaign to give support to victims and survivors. We’re showing recognition with a personal tribute to family members who’ve endured this disease. While we know these women and men have a battle ahead, Sapo Company will be there advocating for people to immerse themselves in the knowledge and early detection closing the gap for healing and recovery.

Bath Soaps Contribute to Breast Cancer---

As many people know there are several reasons a person can become ill with the disease. Something you may not be aware of is the numerous studies pointing to direct links with hormone imbalance and cancer-promoting effects that come from the chemicals found in anti-bacterial soap. Chemically induced products with traces of additives such as triclosan (see list of soaps that contain triclosan at the bottom), octyl phenyl, and other antimicrobial elements have been found to aid the disease. Consumers need to be made aware of such information to make a logical decision that could potentially prevent them from contracting this illness.

One mega-cleanser culprit is the body soap Dial. Dial soap contains triclocarban (the same chemical found in pesticides), a highly suspicious chemical where further research is needed. These artificial ingredients mentioned creates a question why the Henkel Corporation is allowed to include the substances in the first place. Nonetheless, Sapo Company uses 100% organic ingredients offering pure cleansing power, safe for everyone.

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Awareness combats against the unknown. Support is needed to continue the fight and research required for effective treatment. The Sapo Company dedicates promoting mindfulness with the National Breast Cancer Foundation for a cure.

For every full-size bar of soap or sample pack purchased in the month of October, Sapo Company will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The first 15 people to buy to place an order will receive a free gift. 

In addition to this promotion, you can enter your name in a drawing for our ‘Awareness Bundle.’

Be sure to share this with your friends to spread the word on this important and worthy cause. Early detection is the key and in many cases treatable. Please be sure to get regular mammograms and speak with a physician.

Here is a list of bathing soaps that contain triclosan:

  • Tea Tree Therapy™ Liquid Soap;
  • Daily Face Wash; Dermalogica® ;
  • Clearasil®,
  • Dial® Liquid hand soap and body wash;
  • CVS Antibacterial Soap,
  • Ajax Antibacterial Dishsoap,
  • DermaKleen™
  • Antibacterial Lotion Soap;
  • Ultra Concentrated Dawn Antibacterial Dishsoap,
  • Skin Purifying Wipes,
  • Kimcare Antibacterial Clear Soap,


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